. Rationale to the Crisis of Nokia Smartphone Portfolio
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2014, Vol. 3(3), pp. 122 – 124.
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Rationale to the Crisis of Nokia Smartphone Portfolio


Ch. Mahmood Anwar
US Press Association, Boone, USA


Nokia's competitive advantage has quickly vanished despite spending more than $40 billion on R&D facet of the business in the last decade, which is a multiple of four than Apple's expenditures on the same segment (Troianovski and Grundberg, 2012). This fact is astounding for stakeholders and dogmatic for shareholders of the company as the company is in 'crisis'. Although, many whispers and commentaries have surrounded the market entirely, but as far as my opinion is concerned, I believe to look inside the strategy dimension to get a significant clarification to the question. I would be agreed to accept that people still love Nokia devices due to their past performance but Nokia has lost its biggest market share and the strategy to sustain the attained competitive advantage is totally invisible.